Top 50 Tourist Attractions in China — #1-5

China is an amazing country from the perspective of tourism. Now that more and more world travelers are venturing into this ancient land, they are discovering the many destinations which China has to offer. This series of posts will highlight the best of China, according to Gary. It includes many places that we visited on our memorable journey to this country, as well as other sights suggested by guide books and fellow travelers.

We have reached the pinnacle, the very best of the top 50 tourist attractions in China. Each deserves to be a must-see on every traveler’s bucket list.

5. Lhasa, Tibet — This grand Himalayan city is the spiritual heart of Buddhism, despite the fact that the Dalai Lama has sought refuge elsewhere.

Potala Palace

4. Li River Cruise, Guilin — This kaleidoscope of fanciful and unusual hilltops is perhaps the greatest example of karst landscape in the world. As you float down the river eerie and otherworldly scenes emerge before your eyes in amazingly green splendor.

Li River Scene

3. Forbidden City, Beijing — Once the exclusive domain of the Chinese emperor and his invited guests, this amazing ensemble of gates and pavilions is now accessible to the entire world.

Gate of Heavenly Peace

2. Terra Cotta Warriors, Xi’an — The discovery of this masterpiece in 1974 was undoubtedly the most important archeaological find of the 20th Century. An army of soldiers were cast to accompany Emperor Qin Shihuang into the afterlife.

Terra Cotta Warriors

1. Great Wall, Badaling — One of the greatest engineering feats in the history of mankind was the erection of this thousand-mile-long wall across northern China.

Great Wall of China

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