Top 50 Tourist Attractions in China — #11-15

China is an amazing country from the perspective of tourism. Now that more and more world travelers are venturing into this ancient land, they are discovering the many destinations which China has to offer. This series of posts will highlight the best of China, according to Gary. It includes many places that we visited on our memorable journey to this country, as well as other sights suggested by guide books and fellow travelers.

In this group of the top 50 tourist attractions in China are some true icons of the Chinese travel industry.

15. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) — This scenic area in eastern China has been the subject of thousands of pieces of Chinese Art over the centuries. The area is particularly known for its misty mountaintops, its gnarled pines, and its stone formations.

14. Emei Mountain, Sichuan Province — This is one of the holiest places in China for Buddhists. Some of the temples here actually survived the Cultural Revolution.

Emei Mountain

13. Panda Research Base, Chengdu — The world-famous breeding facility at Chengdu is a popular tourist attraction because of the lovable Panda Bear. Chengdu has supplied zoos around the world with pandas for many years.

Panda Research Base

12. Xi’an’s Walled City — China’s ancient capital is a fascinating place to visit even though the main draw here is the tomb of the First Qin Emperor, the tomb which contains the Terra Cotta Warriors. Spend some time wandering the city, however (Walking Tour available for just $1.49 on the website).

Bell Tower

11. Zhouzhuang — One of China’s most charming town is this “water village” west of Shanghai. Take a leisurely boat ride on the town’s canals and then wander its delightful streets and squares.

A Boat Ride in Zhouzhuang

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