Top 50 Tourist Attractions in China — #16-20

China is an amazing country from the perspective of tourism. Now that more and more world travelers are venturing into this ancient land, they are discovering the many destinations which China has to offer. This series of posts will highlight the best of China, according to Gary. It includes many places that we visited on our memorable journey to this country, as well as other sights suggested by guide books and fellow travelers.

With this installment of the top 50 tourist attractions in China, we have reached the best 20 sights in this marvelous country. Enjoy!

20. Yangtze River Cruise — The “yellow ” river winds through some of the most breath-taking scenery in all of China. Cruise customers also get a chance to see the famous Three River Gorge Dam.

19. Shanghai Museum, Shanghai — The finest museum in China offers visitors an opportunity to view some of China’s greatest treasures. There are displays of ceramics, jade, furniture, and bronze, as well as dresses and costumes from many periods of history.

18. Symphony of Lights, Hong Kong Waterfront — This incredible, orchestrated coordination of colored and blinking lights is a true marvel to behold.

Symphony of Lights

17. Shanghai Acrobats Show, Shanghai — The greatest acrobats in the world are trained here and this show provides a spectacle which is the envy of the entertainment world.

Shanghai Acrobats

16. Ming Tombs, north of Beijing — Thirteen Chinese Emperors from the Ming Dynasty are buried some 30 miles north of Beijing. The Spirit Way (see #37 above) leads to the tomb of Yongle, architect of the Forbidden City.

Yongle Statue


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