Top 50 Tourist Attractions in China — #36-40

China is an amazing country from the perspective of tourism. Now that more and more world travelers are venturing into this ancient land, they are discovering the many destinations which China has to offer. This series of posts will highlight the best of China, according to Gary. It includes many places that we visited on our memorable journey to this country, as well as other sights suggested by guide books and fellow travelers.

This assortment of sights is from all over China. They take a rightful place in the top 50 tourist attractions in China.

40. Ganden Monastery, Tibet — This is the one side trip that everyone who visits Lhasa should make. At 14,700 feet the monastery setting offers great views of the Lhasa River valley.

39. Chongqing — This mega-city, with over 30 million people, is the best place to book a Yangtze River cruise and visit to the Three Gorges Dam (see #20 below).

38. Macao — Popular as a day-trip from Hong Kong, this island offers European-style Portuguese architecture and gambling casinos.

37. Spirit Way, north of Beijing — Located about 25 miles (40 km) north of Beijing, this is the path that Chinese emperors took to visit their ancestors’ tombs (Ming Tombs). The walkway is lined with animal and human sculptures.

Spirit Way

36. Dunhuang — This small city is the entryway to the extraordinary Mogao Grottoes, frequently referred to as the grandest repository of Buddhist Art in the world.

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