Top 60 Tourist Attractions in Italy — #11-15

Italy has so many amazing travel destinations. It is the number one travel destination in Europe! Obviously many more than sixty of these attractions could have been listed, but we have only been through some of the country in our two trips there. So, my list is compilation of attractions that I have seen and those that others consider to be must-sees. I will list the top 60 tourist attractions in Italy in installments of five destinations per post, counting down to the best of the best.

This group contains some of Italy’s true icons of travel. They span the country from Sicily to Milan.

15. Taormina — Sicily most adored village sports a well-preserved Greek Amphitheater and commanding views of Mt Etna (Walking Tour available for $1.49 on this website).

14. Piazza del Campo, Siena — The center of life in Siena is this large, sloping, rather oblong square which is the home of City Hall (Palazzo Pubblico) and many shops and restaurants. It is also the scene, twice during each summer, of the Palio, a no-holds-barred horse race between rival communities.

Palazzo Pubblico

13. Duomo, Milan — This incredible religious building is both one of the largest churches in the world and one of the most beautiful. The detail on the exterior is positively awe-inspiring.

Duomo, Milan

12. Isle of Capri — This heavenly island, off the Amalfi Coast, ┬áis a popular day trip from Naples or Sorrento. Visitors can walk through the narrow streets of the adorable village or perhaps book a side trip to the Blue Grotto.

I Faraglioni, Capri

11. St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City — The largest church in the world is, fittingly, the church presided over by the head of the Roman Catholic religion. It was built over the grave of St Peter, Jesus Christ’s “top” apostle.

St Peter’s Basilica


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