Top 60 Tourist Attractions in Italy — #41-45

Italy has so many amazing travel destinations. It is the number one travel destination in Europe! Obviously many more than sixty of these attractions could have been listed, but we have only been through some of the country in our two trips there. So, my list is compilation of attractions that I have seen and those that others consider to be must-sees. I will list the top 60 tourist attractions in Italy in installments of five destinations per post, counting down to the best of the best.

This particular group of destinations includes several interesting cities.

45. Piazza Navona, Rome — My favorite square in all of Rome is an large, oblong space which was once used for chariot races. It is now lined with shops and restaurants and sports three impressive fountains.

Piazza Navona

44. Doges Palace, Venice — This impressive residence and work space of Venice’s civic leader is now a museum with beautiful works of Art and considerable history.

Doge’s Palace

43. Como — This interesting town at the base of gorgeous Lake Como serves as an entry point and popular base of operations for an exploration of the Lakes Region in northern Italy.

42. Cathedral, Orvieto — One of Italy’s many wonderful cathedrals, the Duomo of Orvieto is known for its incredible facade, a classic Italian Gothic design.

Orvieto Cathedral

41. Torino — This city, which recently hosted the Winter Olympics, is known primarily for the Shroud of Turin, an image of the face of Jesus Christ emblazoned onto fabric.

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