Top 60 Tourist Attractions in the United Kingdom — #6-10

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as a group, is known as the United Kingdom. These countries are all intimately affiliated but are unique and separate, offering a diverse collection of attractions for the tourist.

Here is the beginning of the best of the best, the top 10 of the top 60 tourist attractions in the United Kingdom, according to Gary. This group encompasses pretty much all of England from the northern border to the southwest.

10. Oxford, England — This university town is known for its “dreamy spires” and is a major destination because of the famed college.

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford

9. Cambridge, England — Another university town with a long and distinguished history is Cambridge, famous for its Christ Church Cathedral and “punting on the cam.”

Christ’s College, Cambridge

8. Hadrian’s Wall — This 75-mile structure defined the northern border of the Roman Empire when it was built in 122 AD. It was presumably difficult duty for Roman soldiers.

Hadrian’s Wall

7. Roman Bath, Bath, England — Another remnant from the Roman Empire, this Roman Bath was a popular retreat for wealthy and powerful Romans dating back to 70 AD.

Roman Bath

6. Big Ben & Parliament, London, England — The exquisite complex which houses the British Parliament features the most well-known clock in the world, Big Ben, and its tower, St Stephen’s Tower.

Big Ben & Parliament

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