Travel Bucket List # 10 — Historical Places of the World

       There are numerous places around the world whose most important significance is related to history. As one travels to these places, he or she is able to learn first hand about the events that shaped this particular locale. Guides of course help but some prior research is truly all that is needed to allow these places to come alive.

         We have been fortunate to visit many of these places and have, in the process, come to a better understanding of the events and locations which have shaped world history. My list, below, is necessarily personal, since there is no absolute list of historical places. So, check out my list and then form your own and start checking them off, as I have done.

           Acropolis* — Athens, Greece

           Alhambra* — Granada, Spain

           Angkor Wat — Near Siem Reap, Cambodia

           Bagan — Southwest of Mandalay, Myanmar

           Borobudur — Island of Java, Indonesia

           Chichen Itza* — Quintana Roo Province, Mexico

           Easter Island — Off the coast of Chile

           El Escorial* — Northwest of Madrid, Spain

           Ephesus* — Near Kusadasi, Turkey

           Florence, Italy*

           Forbidden City* — Beijing, China

          Great Wall of China* — Badaling (or other locations), China

          Hadrian’s Wall* — On the northern border of England

          Jerusalem’s Old City — Jerusalem, Israel 

          Knossos* — Near Heraklion, Crete

          Machu Picchu — Near Cusco, Peru

          Normandy Beaches* — Northern coast of France

          Oracle of Delphi* — Northwest of Athens, Greece

          Petra — South of Amman, Jordan

          Pompeii* — Near Naples, Italy

          Pyramids — Giza, Egypt

           Roman Forum* — Rome, Italy

          Stonehenge* — Salisbury Plain, England

          Teotihuacan — North of Mexico City, Mexico

          Terra Cotta Warriors* — Xi’an, China

          Tower of London* — London, England 

          Valley of the Kings — Luxor, Egypt

          Vatican City* — Vatican, Rome, Italy

     Total = 28 ( I have seen 18 — I’m well on my way).

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