Travel Bucket List # 14 — Architectural Gems of the World

       Architecture is an important part of traveling. The investment of communities into their significant tourist attractions is a direct reflection of the pride that residents have in their city or country. We have witnessed some incredible architecture in our limited travels. However, the world is full of wonderful buildings and other structures, many of which we can only dream about at this point. What an amazing list!

              Arc d’Triomphe* — Paris, France

              Alhambra* — Granada, Spain

              Bank of China Tower* — Hong Kong, China

              Basilica of St Francis* — Assisi, Italy

              Big Ben & Parliament* — London, England

               Brandenburg Gate — Berlin, Germany

              Casa Mila — Barcelona, Spain

              Chambord* — Loire Valley, France

              Chenonceau* — Loire Valley, France

              City Palace — Udiapur, India

              Cloth Hall (Sukiennice)* — Krakow, Poland

              CN Tower* — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

              Cologne Cathedral — Cologne, Germany

              Cristo Redentor — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

               Dome of the Rock — Jerusalem, Israel

               Duomo* — Florence, Italy

               Duomo* — Milan, Italy

               Duomo* — Siena, Italy

               Eiffel Tower* — Paris, France

               El Alcazar* — Segovia, Spain

               El Escorial* — Near Madrid, Spain

               Forbidden City* — Beijing, China

                Forbidden Purple City — Hue, Vietnam

               Ginkaku-ji Temple — Kyoto, Japan

               Golden Temple — Amritsar, India

               Grand Palace* — Bangkok, Thailand

               Great Wall of China* — Badaling, China

               Hagia Sophia* — Istanbul, Turkey

               Hofburg* — Vienna, Austria

               Hohensalzburg* — Salzburg, Austria

               Kappelbrucke* — Luzern, Switzerland

               Kiyomizudera Temple — Kyoto, Japan

               Kremlin — Moscow, Russia

              La Mezquita* — Cordoba, Spain

              Linderhof Palace* — Romantic Road, Bavaria, Germany

              Louvre* — Paris, France

              Mehrangarh Fort & Museum — Jodhpur, India

              Mont-St-Michel Abbey* — Mont-St-Michel, France

              Municipal House* — Prague, Czech Republic

               Neuschwanstein* — Near Fussen, Germany

              Notre Dame Cathedral* — Paris, France

              Opera House — Sydney, Australia

              Pantheon* — Rome, Italy

              Parliament Building* — Budapest, Hungary

              Parliament Building — Ottawa, Canada

              Parliament Building* — Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

              Parthenon* — Athens, Greece

              Pena National Palace — Sintra, Portugal

              Peterhof Palace — Near St Petersburg, Russia

               Petronas Twin Towers — Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia

              Piazza dei Miracoli* — Pisa, Italy

               Pink Palace — Jaipur, India

              Plaza de Espana* — Seville, Spain

              Potala Palace — Lhasa, Tibet, China

              Red Fort — Old Delhi, India

              Residenz — Wurzburg, Germany

              Roman Aqueduct* — Segovia, Spain

              Royal Pavilion* — Brighton, England

               Sagrada Familia Church — Barcelona, Spain

              Schonbrunn Palace* — Vienna, Austria

               Schwedagon Stupa — Yangon, Myanmar

              St Basil’s Cathedral — Moscow, Russia

              St Mark’s Basilica* — Venice, Italy

              St Peter’s Basilica* — Vatican City, Rome Italy

              Taj Mahal — Agra, India

              Theater of Epidauros — Epidauros, Greece

              Tower Bridge* — London, England

               Tre Castelli* — San Marino, Italy

              Trevi Fountain* — Rome, Italy

              Versailles Palace* — Versailles, France

     Total = 70 (I have managed 44 — better than originally thought).

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