Travel Quotation 1 – Lao Tzu

     Lao Tzu, the noted Chinese Philosopher, once said:
             "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."
     To me, this means that beginning a voyage is key to its accomplishment. Taking the initiative, starting to plan a trip, for instance, is necessary before the trip can take place. I have always felt that planning a trip is extremely important, both to insure success, and also to create excitement about the trip which then tends to excalate until the actual day the trip starts.
    One can also see this quote saying that the first step of anything doesn’t have to be large, but must take place in order for subsequent steps to occur.
    Obviously, this quote is about more than the literal message of travel. Lao Tzu is encouraging us to make that first effort to change or begin something, because it is critical to the success of the venture.
      Feel free to make your own comments about the quote or about my interpretation.


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