Travel Quotation 12 – Robert Thomas Allen

    Again, someone I am not familiar with, Robert Thomas Allen said,
            "Most of my treasured memories of travel are recollections of sitting."
    I’m not actually sure what this man means, but I suppose Mr Allen prefers a relaxing type of vacation, rather than one which involves hustle and bustle and great activity. My wife, Lee, feels the same way, although she is perfectly content to satisfy my wander lust as long we make some time for things like, people-watching with a beer or coffee on a busy square, strolling and even sitting in a garden just to soak up the ambience, savoring a long, leisurely dinner, or lying on a beautiful beach with a great book. For this reason, I have learned to plan these types of pauses in my never-ending quest to see new and different things and places. And there may be some truth to the idea that some of these breaks in the action are remembered with great affection after the journey is over.


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