Travel Quotation 19 – Hodding Carter

    A very wise man, by the name of Hodding Carter once said,
        "Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings."
    This quote is obviously more about philosophy than about travel, but there is certainly a connection. I find this statement extremely profound. The foundation we lay with our children is so important, and it is vital to their well-being that a support system is always there for them, especially when they are growing. We must always be a firm anchor to help them withstand the storms and winds of life.  However, it is equally important that we provide them the opportunity, even encourage them to leave this support system behind as they make their way in the world.
    And as they fly away, roots are still important so that they can roost for a while in a safe haven when they are having trouble making their way through dangerous headwinds.


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