Travel Quotation 26 – Isaak Walton

       The great fishing guru, Isaak Walton, once wrote,
            "Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter."
          This quote seems diametrically opposed to the previous one (#25), although, in essence they do not really conflict. Note that the prior quotation talks about the speed of the journey. This one seems to be more focused on the quality of the trip, measured by the time it seems to take. Walton’s quote reminds me of the old proverb, "time flies when you’re having fun!" And, to me, since quality and "fun" are much more important than speed, this statement is one to remember.
          However, it is only "good" company that makes this work. Adding complainers or prima donnas will tend to make a trip interminable and agonizing, no matter where you go. To me, "good" company implies easy-going, fun-loving people who are both considerate and understanding of everyone else.
          One example I can cite, from my own experience, involves cruising. Lee and I have been on several cruises alone, as a couple. An yes, you can meet people on the cruise and sometimes hang out with them, but it is much more fun when several couples go together. As long as everyone agrees, ahead of time, that each couple is not required to stay with the group at all times, this larger group can make the entire experience much more fun. We had a blast on the cruise that I am descrbing. It was much more enjoyable than the ones we went on alone.


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