Travel Quotation 3 – Charles Dudley Warner

     I have no idea who Charles Dudley Warner is, but he once said,
         "There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it."
       I’m not sure whether I totally agree with this quote, although I certainly acknowledge that the anticipation and setting out on a trip is truly exciting.
       However, I feel that the most delightful part of a trip is seeing the major goal of the trip, such as, getting your first glimpse of the Colosseum on a first trip to Rome, or sailing into the crater and seeing the island of Santorini and its village of Thira for the first time. These are truly unforgettable experiences and they signify the culmination of the planning and preparation which has probably been taking place for months. For me, I always recall pictures or images of the sights we will be visiting, from either my youth or from photos I have seen in books or pamphlets. When I finally replace these memories with real ones, I get an unbelievable rush! Hope you do too.
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