Travel Quotation 43 – Robert Frost

        Famous American poet, Robert Frost, in one of his most recognized poems, The Road Not Taken, wrote,
           "Two roads diverged in a wood and I …. I took the one less traveled by."
        This quote, from one of my favorite poets, has long intrigued me. Taking the road less traveled, in life, indicates that one ventures into territory which is not typical for his/her age or station. It means choosing the more difficult or, at least, the more unusual option. In travel, this is usually referred to as "off the beaten track," and implies going to places which are off the normal tourist route, or taking a more circuitous and possibly more dangerous route to get to a destination. Unfortunately, I did most of my travel when I was older and married. The kind of travel Frost refers to is more typically done when young and carefree, unencumbered by other people. These things can still be done at my age, but they take a true adventurous spirit and a more risk-taking perspective. 


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