Useful Travel Information #1 — What to bring

      Why is it that so many people forget things when they go on vacation. It probably has to do with the anticipation and then the stress of actually getting out of the house and on the way.  Lee & I have discovered a (fairly) foolproof plan which we would like to share with readers. We have created and saved on our hard-drive for easy downloading a list of travel essentials which is displayed below. The list has evolved over the years and will continue to change as our needs or requirements change, but here it is, as it exists in 2007:
                             Trip Essentials

                               Alarm Clock                                                                     


                               Bathing Suit & Beachwear                                                 

                               Batteries for camera (spare)                                            

                               Bug Spray    



                               Cooler (collapsible)                                                         

                               Cribbage Board & Cards                                                  


                               Electrical Adaptors/plugs

                               Extra Bag (for souvenirs/gifts)


                               Foreign Currency

                               Glasses (extra pair)

                               Guide Books


                               Ice Packs (Lee)

                               Jacket (adaptable for rain)


                               Magnifying glass



                               Money Belt


                               Pillow (Lee)

                               Reading Material (Books, Magazines)





                               Towel (Beach)

                               Traveler’s Checks (?)

                               Travel Iron



                               Video Tapes

                               Walking Shoes

                        To Do Prior To Leaving:

                               Arrange Lawn Watering

                                Call Police

                                Close Windows

                                Hold Mail

                                Pay Bills (in advance)

                                Set Timers (lights)

                                Stop Paper Delivery

      About a week prior to the trip, I print a list and we begin to check things off as we pack them or do them. Obviously, the list gets modified depending on the kind of trip and location. For instance, if we are staying in the USA, we do not need an assortment of electrical plugs and adaptors. We simply cross these things out on the list when it is first printed. Now that we have a sprinkler system, we don’t really have to arrange lawn-watering, but we still have to set the automatic timer.

     Feel free to use the list, modify it for your own situation, but you will find that it is very helpful and reduces the anxiety of “Did I remember to bring …?” 


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