Walking Tour of Capri Town, Italy


            Walking Tour of Capri Town, Italy


Isle of Capri is a beautiful spot and probably the most popular excursion from Naples or Sorrento or the Amalfi Coast. It is only a 20-25 minute ferry ride from Sorrento.  The ferry deposits visitors at the Marina Grande from which tourist can either catch a bus or funicular to Capri Town, the largest and most popular town on the island, or pick up a smaller boat to the famous Blue Grotto, a cave system on the southeast coast of the island which is notable for its bluish glow. To see the grotto, visitors must actually take one boat from the marina, then change to a smaller boat at the entrance to the cave and wait in line for the opportunity to enter. The experience is actually quite kitschy and is may not be worth the expense, although many who have been there are still mesmerized by the experience.

            Capri Town is a white-washed village which sits high above the marina, on the southern coast of the island. Its labyrinthine alleys are a delight to explore and there is shopping galore for those so inclined. My walk begins at the Piazza Umberto I, just uphill on the Via Roma from the bus station, at the Piazzetta Strina, or at the end of the funicular if you arrived in town this way. Stroll around the adorable square before setting out on your walk. Notice the Clock Tower, a village landmark, and, of course, take in the incredible views. You should also stop in at the Tourist Information Office to pick up a map. Understand that one of the joys of Capri lies in simply aimlessly walking the narrow streets, browsing in the numerous shops, and probably getting lost, although it’s never too difficult to find your way back.

            Leave the square by climbing the stairs at the southern end, opposite the large terrace, to see the Ex-cathedral of St Stephen, and the Palazzo Cerio, now a museum.

            Now walk back down the stairs and turn right onto Via Vittorio Emanuele. Continue straight ahead when the road changes to Via F Serena, which leads to the Certosa di San Giacomo. Visit the monastery’s church and cloister, but, more importantly, savor the fantastic views of the island’s coastline from the grounds. The intriguing rocky islands offshore are known as the I Faraglioni. They are commonly seen on postcards or pictures of Capri.

            Next, walk west along the Via G Matteotti which leads to the beautiful Gardens of Augustus and the precipitous Via Krupp, which offers more great vistas. After enjoying the relative solitude here (there is seldom true solitude in Capri because of the throngs of visitors throughout the year), backtrack to Via V Emanuele, and then turn right on Via Camerelle, packed with high-end shops, restaurants, and hotels.             Continue straight when the street name changes to Via O Marino, and then turn right on Via Campo di Teste, then right again on Via I Cerio, crossing Via Camerelle and up some stairs. When you reach Via Fuortovado, turn left and follow the pedestrian street back to Piazza Umberto I, where the walk started.


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