Walking Tour of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


    Walking Tour of Halifax, Nova Scotia


Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a delightful city that gives the visitor the impression of a small town.  It became prosperous because of its harbor and access to the Atlantic Ocean, and this attribute has been lovingly exploited with the development of its waterfront.  There are boardwalks and shops and restaurants, as well as boating opportunities and museums.  The visitor may stroll many blocks, adjacent to the downtown area without worrying about traffic. Besides the waterfront area, there are neighborhoods to explore and historic properties to check out.


My walking tour begins on Upper Water Street, a pedestrian-only thoroughfare along the waterfront. Stroll around the area, browsing through the shops, but save the serious shopping till your walk is finished. Walk south to Lower Water Street to visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, whose exhibits showcase the rich heritage of Nova Scotia’s fishing industry, naval history, and other marine pursuits.

Over 1.5 million immigrants to Canada passed through Halifax. If you are interested in exploring their stories, continue south on Lower Water Street and then turn left on Terminal Road, then right on Marginal Road, to reach Pier 21 National Historic Site of Canada. Return to Lower Water Street when you are done here.

Now, walk west on Bishop Street (away from the water), and turn right onto Barrington Street. On your right is Government House, the residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.

Next, turn left on Spring Garden Road, and then left again on Queen Street. When you reach South Street, turn right. The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows is in the cemetery on your right. A group of several thousand men built the church in a single day. Walk inside to see the altar carvings.

Continue west on South Street and then turn right on South Park Street, then right again on Morris Street, and left onto Dresden Row. When you reach Spring Garden Road, turn left – you may want to browse through the shops at Park Lane and Spring Garden Place shopping centers before proceeding.

Now, continue west on Spring Garden and enter the lovely Halifax Public Gardens, across South Park Street and to the right. There are flower displays, fountains, and sculptures to peruse, as well as places to sit and relax.

Exit the gardens on the north side, and turn right on Sackville Street. Ahead, on your left, is Halifax’s number-one attraction, Halifax Citadel National Historic Site and Army Museum. The entrance driveway is ahead on the left. The Old Town Clock, a prominent city landmark, is on the right as you approach the entrance to the fortifications.

After your visit to the fort, return to Sackville Street and turn left (east). Walk to Barrington Street and turn left. When you reach Prince Street, visit St Paul’s Church, to your left. Then, continue through the Grand Parade, behind the church, to City Hall.

Exit this area and walk north on Barrington Street to Duke Street, and then turn right. This road will bring you back to Upper Water Street. Turn right here to return to the starting point of the walk.


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