Walking Tour of Lucca, Italy

       Walking Tour of Lucca, Italy
    This lovely Tuscan town, once a Roman colony, has well-preserved, Medieval walls, numerous churches, and was the home of noted composer, Giacomo Puccini.
     Begin your walk at the Porta San Pietro, the southern gate into town and head north on Via Vittorio Veneto, past the Piazza Napoleone and the Ducal Palace opposite it, to Piazza San Michele and the San Michele in Foro Church. It stands on the original Roman Forum, as its name implies.
     Leave the square on Via Roma, then turn left on Via Filungo, the city’s main shopping street, which leads to the Piazza del Anfiteatro (also known as Piazza del Mercato). Its shape identifies it as the old amphitheater from Roman times. After wandering around the square, take a brief detour northwest to San Friedan for a look at its 14th century mosaic facade. Head back to Piazza del Anfiteatro and take Via del Carmine south the Via Sant’ Andrea, Take a left to the Torre del Guinigi, whose characteristic tree-topped tower is famous landmark of the city. A climb rewards you with fabulous views.
     From here, head south on Via Guinigi which changes names but eventually brings you to Via A Vallisneri, Take a right, then your second left into Piazza Antelminelli which merges with the Piazza San Martino, location of Lucca’s fantastic Cathedral. The Campanile (Bell Tower) dates to 1060 AD. The church should be explored thoroughly because of the treasures it contains.
    After your visit, head south on Via del Molinetto to reach the Passagiata delle Mura where you can walk the city’s wonderful walls. Do this before exiting at the Porta San Pietro where the walk began.


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