Walking Tour of Mykonos Town (Chora), Greece

          Walking Tour of Mykonos Town (Chora), Greece
    The island of Mykonos is one of the most popular Greek Isles, known for its white-washed buildings, beautiful harbor and its nightlife. It is frequently included in Aegean cruises so that the first introduction to the island is via its harbor. It main town, Mykonos Town, is a labyrinth of narrow alleyways, a perfect place to get lost.
    My walk begins in the Main Square (Mando Mavrogenous Square). It was named after the heroine who led a group of soldiers that repulsed the Ottoman Turks in 1822. Her bust sits on a pedestal in the square. The plaza is just southeast of the bustling harbor, which is particularly photogenic.
    From here, make your way west along the waterfront esplanade (in the direction of the windmills) toward the pier which juts out into the harbor and contains boats that leave frequently for the nearby, uninhabited island of Delos. Continuing uphill beyond the pier, you will reach the Folk Museum which displays artifacts from 18th century Mykonos. It also features a working, 16th century windmill.
    Nearby is the Church of Paraportiani (Our Lady of the Postern Gate). It is the most famous and probably most-photographed church on the island. Part of the church, which is composed of five (5) chapels, dates to 1425 AD.
   From the church, take Ag. Anargiron, then right and toward the waterfront, continuing around the edge of the Kastro section of town and along the coastline, now lined with elegant houses that have wiooden balconies overlooking the Aegean Sea. This is the area known as Little Venice. The pretty homes now house bars, cafes, or shops and give you an excellent opportunity to sit and relax. Look for the village mascot, Petras the Pelican, who often frequents the area.
    At the end of this stretch of waterfront, turn left into a large square which contains both the Roman Catholic Cathedral and the Greek Orthodox Cathedral. After your visit, head back to the waterfront and uphill to the left to reach the picturesque Mykonos Windmills. From here, the view looking back toward Little Venice is particularly enchanting.
    Next, descend inland into the heart of town. Explore the many alleyways, very attractively paved and line with white-washed buildings. Plan on getting lost since it is traditional in Mykonos. Just remember that, to finally return to the main square and the harbor, keep heading downhill.


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