Walking Tour of Port of Spain, Trinidad


               Walking Tour of Port of Spain, Trinidad


            The island of Trinidad and its administrative partner, Tobago, lie just north of the northern coast of Venezuela, in the southern Caribbean Sea. Trinidad has a rich Spanish heritage, but is perhaps best known for its elaborate and raucous Carnival celebration, often compared with those in New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and Venice. The city of Port of Spain is where most visitors arrive, because of its cruise ship terminal.


            My walk begins at the end of the cruise ship dock, on the harbor. Walk across Wrighton Road and along Independence Square, which sprawls to the east. Look first for the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, which dates to 1816.

            After your visit tot the Cathedral, walk north on Abercromby Street to visit another church, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, on your right, an Anglican church with a beautiful altar and choir stalls. Next, enter Woodford Square, just north of the church, where there are several elegant government buildings. Of special note is the Red House, a Neo-Renaissance structure which houses the parliament. Other buildings in the complex include the City Hall and Palace of Justice.

            Leave the square by walking east on Prince Street, and then turn left on Charlotte Street, which will eventually bring you to Queen’s Park Savannah, a huge city park, used for a variety of activities. Make an almost complete circuit of the park by heading north on Queen’s Park East, which passes by the President’s House as well as the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Emperor Valley Zoo. Turn left when you reach Maraval Street, the location of the Magnificent Seven, a row of elegant and distinctive 19th century mansions, including Stollmeyer House, Queen’s Royal College, and Whitehall. Turn left again on Queen’s Park West. The Spanish cannon, ahead, herald your arrival at the National Museum and Art Gallery, on Frederick Street, which offers a particularly interesting display of Carnival Week costumes.             After your visit, continue south on Queen’s Park West, then straight onto Cipriani Boulevard. At the cemetery, bear right onto Cloville Street and then left onto Wrighton Road, which returns you to the cruise ship docks where you began.


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