Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

        Walking Tour of Salt Lake City, Utah
     This city, at the southeastern end of the Great Salt Lake, is the headquarters of the Mormon Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is also the capital and largest city in Utah, and, recently (2002), hosted the Winter Olympics.
     My walk begins at the center of life in Salt Lake City, Temple Square. There are two Visitor Centers in the Temple Square complex, one in the southeast and the other in the northwest. This walking tour actually begins at the southeast corner of the complex, at the junction of South Temple Street and Main Street.
     See the temple complex first. Head first to the flagpole and wait for a guide. He or she will accompany you through the area, explaining the various sights. Significant stops include the Seagull Monument, the Tabernacle, and the Mormon Temple itself, although visitors are not permitted inside the temple.
     Exit at the same corner where you entered and proceed east, along South Temple Street. On your left is the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, a tribute to the first president of the church. Besides the various displays, a film is avaiable here, as well.
     A bit further, on your left, is the Beehive House, the former home of Brigham Young, the church’s second president and the name most often associated with this religion.
     Take your next left, on State Street, and then turn right at 1st Avenue. On your right, just ahead, is Brigham Young’s Gravesite, as well as the Mormon Pioneer Monument.
     Continue on 1st Avenue to B Street and turn right, then right again on South Temple Street. The Cathedral of the Madeleine, the most important Roman Catholic church in the city, is on your right. Be sure to check out the Gothic architecture and the mosaics inside.
     Next, continue west on South Temple Street to State Street and turn right. Proceed straight ahead, toward the Utah State Capitol. Just before you reach the imposing structure, stop in at the Council Hall, on your right. It was Salt Lake City’s City Hall, but is now a visitor information center.
     Continue up the hill to the capitol building and take a tour of the interior. Now exit and turn right on North Street. Just beyond the corner of Main Street, you may want to visit the Pioneer Memorial Museum, on the right. Then walk south on Main Street, past Temple Square, to the corner where the walk began.


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