Walking Tour of Stockholm, Sweden

        Walking Tour of Stockholm, Sweden
     The environs of the capital of Sweden consist of fourteen interconnected islands, Thus, visitors must negotiate numerous waterways and bridges. Although the city is modern and progressive, it has restored and preserved much of its earlier charm, with cobble stone streets and vibrant squares.
     My walk begins in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town, at Storget (Great Square), a place of constant activity. Exit the square to the east on Kopmangatan to another square, which contains a statue of St George and the Dragon. From here, take Kopmanbrinken and then turn right onto Osterlanggatan. En route, feel free to check out some of the narrow lanes to your left.
     When you reach Jarnstorget, another interesting square, turn right and head north on Vasterlanggatan, the primary shopping street in the district. At Storkyrkorinken, turn left to Riddartorget, The House of Nobles is on your right.
     Next, walk across the Riddarholms Bridge to the "island of knights." On your left is the church where almost all of the Swedish kings are buried.
     Now, retrace your steps back to Gamla Stan and then eastward on Storkyrkobrinken, which leads to Storkyrkan, a church which hosts royal coronations, whenever they occur. The original sculpture of St George and the Dragon, dating to 1489, is located here.
     Continue east, on what is now Slottsbacken, to see and visit the Royal Palace (Kunglige Slottet). Try to time your visit to see the Changing of the Royal Guards (most days at noon). Inside the palace, be sure to see the State Apartments, Guest Apartments, the Royal Armory, and the Treasury.
     After your visit, exit the palace complex and make your way around it to the northern side, and then take the North Bridge across the canal. On your left is the Swedish Parliament Building. On the other side of the canal is Gustav Adolf’s Square, certainly the most scenic of the city’s many squares, since it affords wonderful views of the Royal Palace and the Royal Opera.
     Turn left here and walk along the water all the way to Stockholm’s City Hall (Stadshuset). The red-brick building is a modern architectural gem, and its interior is also worth some time and exploration.
     Now, walk north, along the Klara canal and then turn right on Klarabergsviadukten to Sergel’s Square, their continue straight on Hamngatan to Berzelliparken. Next, continue straight ahead (easterly) on Strandvagen to the Djurg Bridge. Turn right onto the bridge to Djurggarden. Bear right to visit the Royal Warship, Vasa, a Scandinavian vessel, built in the 1600’s, which sank soon after it was built. Subsequently, it was raised, in 1961, and restored.
    Before leaving the island, walk to the east to enjoy Skansen, an open-air museum which consists of over 150 recreated buildings, typical of those found in Sweden over the years.
    When you are finished here, exit the island in the way that you arrived and turn left on Strandvagen to Berzelli Park. From here, walk west on Arsenalsgatan and then left to the water. Now turn right on Stromgatan toward the Royal Opera House. Along the way, feel free to detour to the right, in order to explore the King’s Garden.
    Next, continue past the Opera House and through the Gustav Adolf’s Square on Stromgatan to the Parliament Bridge. Walk across the bridge to Gamla Stan. You will find yourself in Mint Square. From here, walk south on Hogvaktsterrasen, then left, around the church, and down Skomakargatan to Great Square, where the walking tour began.


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