Waterfalls of the USA — Yosemite National Park

Everyone loves waterfalls! They seem to capture the fancy of adults and children with their noisy tranquility and grace. They are attractions wherever they exist and beckon to travelers that they must be seen to be believed. Some are delicate, some are thunderous; some form a wispy thread of water, some are wide; some descend in small cascades, some just tumble to the depths. The Waterfalls of the USA are a motley lot and can be found throughout the country.

Yosemite National Park in California has an impressive variety of waterfalls that can be accessed from park roads, overlooks, and trails. Here are my favorites.

Yosemite Falls — The tallest waterfall in the USA plunges over 2,400 feet to the delight of visitors to the park. It ranks as the 6th highest cascade in the world.

Yosemite Falls

Bridal Veil Fall — Opposite Yosemite Falls, in the gorgeous valley the John Muir so loved, is Bridal Veil Fall, another of Yosemite dynamic and beautiful attractions.            Nevada Falls — Caused by a drop in the landscape of the Merced River, Nevada Falls is visible from Washburn Point.

Nevada Falls

Vernal Falls — Near Nevada Falls, Vernal is also visible from Washburn and Glacier Points.

Vernal Falls

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