World Cities at 10 Degrees North Latitude

Latitude lines are the parallels which cut across the Earth traveling north and south from the Equator. Because it is latitude which determines temperature and climate, the Earth is divided into three (3) zones, the Tropics, the Temperate Zone, and the Polar regions. The Tropics are defined as the area between 23 1/2 degrees North Latitude and 23 1/2 degrees South Latitude. The temperatures here are always warm and there are no seasons. The Temperate Zone extends both north and south from 23 1/2 degrees to 66 1/2 degrees — this is where most of the world’s population lives. Seasonal changes are noticeable across the year and differences in the amount of rainfall create a number of significantly distinct biomes. Polar regions are relatively cold throughout the year.

It is interesting to seeĀ which cities are on the same latitude. Often they have significantly different climates despite their similar distances from the Equator.

This group of cities is fairly close to the Equator and feature warm temperatures year-round.

Cartagena, Colombia — The “pearl” of the Colombian coast is a delightful city to visit, with its beautiful Old Town.

Las Bovedas, Cartagena

Caracas, Venezuela — Although marked by incredible poverty, Caracas is still a dynamic and interesting city.


Port-of-Spain, Trinidad — This interesting island lies off the Venezuelan coast in the southeastern Caribbean Sea.


Other cities on the same latitude include Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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