World Exposition Remnants — USA

World Expositions or World Fairs have been held spasmodically over the years. Often the structures which are erected are temporary and demolished at the end of the event. However, some of these structures still remain in many locations providing a remembrance of things past. Some of these icons have become world landmarks. Here is a look at some remnants of World Expositions that I have visited.

This post concentrates on Remnants of World Expositions in the United States of America.

1915 — The World Exposition of 1915 occurred in San Diego, California. The venue was Balboa Park, the city’s centerpiece, and some of the structures constructed for the expo still remain. The most impressive of these structures is the California Tower, visible for a great distance within the park and outside it.

California Tower

1939 — San Francisco hosted a World Exposition in 1939, featuring its two “new” bay bridges, the Oakland Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

1962 — The city of Seattle — The theme of Seattle’s World Fair in 1962 was space travel and the future. What better symbol than the Space Needle, a futuristic steel tower topped with a UFO-like pod?

Space Needle

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