World Heritage Sites – Italy

      UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization) has designated numerous places around the world as important to preserve because of their cultural or ecological significance. Right now, there are a total of 851 places on the list, with new places nominated and eligible for inclusion each year. The commitment by both the country of origin and the United Nations will hopefully assist in the maintenance of these locations and properties ad infinitum. On the other hand, inclusion on the list usually results in increased tourism which may, in turn, jeopardize the sustainability of the site. This new feature on my blog will list some of these sites (by country) and will illustrate their appearance via photos.  
     Italy has the most World Heritage Sites (41), a reward for its cultural importance throughout the history of world civilization. My favorites are as follows: (Sites are listed chronologically by the year of inclusion)
        1. Historic Center of Rome (1980)
        Roman Forum, Rome   Pantheon, Rome   Colosseum, Rome
        Castle d'Angelo, Rome   Arch of Constatntine, Rome
      2. Santa Maria della Grazie Church, Milan (which contains DaVinci’s masterpiece, The Last Supper) (1980)
         Santa Maria della Grazie Church, Milan
      3. Historic Center of Florence (1982)
         Duomo, Florence   Piazza della Signoria, Florence   Ponte Vecchio, Florence
         Santa Maria Novella Church, Florence   Sante Croce Church, Florence
        4. Venice and its Lagoon (1987)
         Piazza San Marco, Venice    Quiet Canal, Venice   Venice's Lagoon & Gondolas
         Doge's Palace, Venice   Rialto Bridge, Venice
        5. Piazza del Duomo, Pisa (which contains the Leaning Tower, the Duomo, and the Baptistry) (1987)
         Piazza dei Miracoli, Pisa   Duomo & Campanile, Pisa
        6. Historic Center of San Gimignano (1990)
         Piazza Cisterna, San Gimignano
        7. Historic Center of Siena (1995)
         Piazza del Campo, Siena   Duomo, Siena   Palazzo Pubblico, Siena
         8. Historic Center of Naples (1995)
         Castel Nuovo, Naples   Palazzo Reale, Naples   Certosa di San Martino, Naples
        9. Historic Center of Pienza (1996)
         Via Dell Amore, Pienza
       10. Royal Palace at Caserta (1997)
         Royal Palace, Caserta
       11. Cinqueterra (1997)
         Cinqueterra   Cinqueterra Village   Cinqueterra Villlage
       12. Pompeii (1997)
         Pompeii   Pompeii   Pompeii
       13. Amalfi Coast (1997)
         Positano   Amalfi Coast   Ravello
       14. Agrigento (an archaeological site on the island of Sicily) (1997)
         Agrigento, Sicily
       15. Historic Center of Urbino (1998)
         Cityscape, Urbino
       16. Villa Adriana at Tivoli (1999)
          Villa Adriana
       17. City of Verona (2000)
          Roman Amphitheater, Verona   Ponte Scaligero, Verona
       18. Assisi & its Basilica of San Francesco (2000)
          Basilica San Francesco, Assisi   Cityscape, Assisi
       19. Villa d’Este at Tivoli (2001)
          Villa d'Este, Tivoli   Villa d'Este, Tivoli
       20. Syracuse (2006)
          Greek Amphitheater, Syracuse
       21. Genoa (2007)
          Cathedral, Genoa   Waterfront, Genoa


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