World Heritage Sites – Mexico

    Mexico is one of the oldest countries in Latin America and has numerous pre-Colonial and Native American sites which UNESCO has recognized with World Heritage Site status. Some of the best are listed and pictured below.
    1. Pre-Hispanic City and National Park of Palenque (1987)
        Pyramid at Palenque   Another view of Palenque
    2. Historic Centre of Mexico City and Xochimilco (1987)
        Cathedral & Zocalo, Mexico City    Another view of Mexico City's Cathedral   XoChimilco, near Mexico City
    3. Pre-Hispanic City of Teotihuacan (1987)
        Avenue of the Dead, Teotihuacan      Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan
    4. Historic Centre of Oaxaca & Archaeological Site of Monte Alban (1987)
        Monte Alban     Cathedral, Oaxaca    Interior of Santo Domigo Church, Oaxaca
        Palace of the Governors, Oaxaca    Cathedral, Oaxaca
    5. Historic Town of Guanajuato (1988)
         Cathedral, Guanajuato     Templo de San Cayetano, Guanajuato
    6. Pre-Hispanic City of Chichen Itza (1989)
         El Castillo, Chichen Itza     The Observatory, Chichen Itza     Another view of El Castillo, Chichen Itza
    7. Pre-Hispanic Town of Uxmal (1996)
        Pyramid at Uxmal    Quadrangle, Uxmal
    8. Hospicio Cabanas, Guadalajara (1997)
         Hospicio Cabanas, Guadaljara  


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