World Heritage Sites – Spain

     Spain has almost as many World Heritage Sites as Italy (which has the most) because of the country’s long history and its position as an interface between Northern Africa and Europe. Some of my favorite UNESCO sites in Spain are listed and pictured below.
     1. Historic Center of Cordoba (1984)
       Inside the Mezquita, Cordoba   Another view of the interior of the Mezquita  Roman Bridge, Cordoba 
       Alcazar, Cordoba  Plaza de Corredera, Cordoba
     2. Alhambra (1984)
       Patio of the Lions, Alhambra, Granada  Sala Nazaries, Alhambra, Granada  Generalife Gardens, Alhambra, Granada
     3. Monastery at El Escorial (1984)
      El Escorial  Interior of El Escorial
     4. Parque Guell, Palacio Guell, and Casa Mila, Barcelona (1984)
      Casa Mila, Barcelona  Entrance to Parc Guell, Barcelona  Gingerbread House, Parc Guell, Barcelona
     5. Altamira Cave (1985)
     6. Segovia & its Aqueduct (1985)
      Roman Aqueduct at Segovia  Alcazar, Segovia 
     7. Santiago de Compostela (1985)
     Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela
     8. Avila (1985)
     Walls of Avila  Cathedral, Avila
     9. Historic city of Toledo (1985)
     Bisagra Gate, Toledo  Cathedral, Toledo  Alcazar, Toledo
     10. Cathedral & Alcazar of Seville (1987)
       Another view of the Cathedral, Seville  Alcazar, Seville
     11. Old City of Salamanca (1988)
       Plaza Mayor, Salamanca  Old & New Cathedral, Salamanca  House of Shells, Salamanca
     12. Historic Walled Town of Cuenca (1996)
       Hanging Houses of Cuenca
     13. Aranjuez Cultural Landscape (2001)


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