Xi’an Walking Tour

                                                                          Xi’an Walking Tour
Begin at the South Gate (Nanmen) of the walled city. This is the most impressive of the city’s gates which punctuate the thirty-nine (39) foot high walls. It was built at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty (late 1300’s). From here you will walk the walls (total distance is nine miles, so just sample).

After doing the wall, head north (into the Old City) on Nanda Jie to the Bell Tower (Zhonglou). To reach it, since it is in the middle of a traffic circle, take any of the underground passageways. Bells on display are from the Ming Dynasty. Go to the 3rd floor balcony for great views. Continue one block west to the Drum Tower. It is 111 feet high and was built in 1380 AD. It marks the southern end of the Muslim Quarter.

After passing through the base of the tower, turn left down a small side street called Hua Jue Xiang. The street is lined with shops selling souvenirs. When you reach a small intersection, go left to the entrance for the Great Mosque. Wander the lushly landscaped courtyard and note the detail on the mosque doors and gates, but only Muslims can enter the Prayer Hall.

Retrace your steps back to the Drum Tower, then go south on Nanda Jie, to the 2nd intersection, take a left, then the 1st right onto Culture Street (Wenhua Jie). The houses here have been rebuilt in traditional Ming style.

Continue to the South Gate, where you began. If time permits, continue south on Changan Bei Road till you reach Youyi Xi Lu. Take a right to reach the Small Goose Pagoda (Xiao Yan Ta) on your left. It was built in 707 AD and when erected contained 15 tiers. It was left with 13 tiers as a result of an earthquake in 1555.

Even further a field (4 km from the South Gate)is the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Da Yan Ta), originally constructed in the 7th century. To get here, walk back to Changan Bei Road and turn right. Continue south to Xiaozhaidong Road and take a left. Continue past the Shanxi History Museum (on your left) to Yanta Road. Take a right to the Pagoda.


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